Market Ready Resume

To develop a great resume, it needs to be easy to understand and ready for today’s online HR systems.  You need to be clear in what you are marketing in yourself, have a good handle on the details of your career accomplishments and be able to convey them in sufficient detail to allow me to translate it into a great version of YOU.


Market Ready Resume service includes the following:

  • Review of existing resume (if applicable)
  • Meeting with you to discuss your background and career aspirations
  • Discovery of your DISTINCTIVE selling points – the stuff that you are best known for
  • Review of your documentation of career history, accomplishments, including results and project descriptions, education and community service.
  • Translation of your career history into a summary, core competencies, job scope and action statements
  • Production of an editable Microsoft Word document as well as formats in text and PDF.

I look forward to helping you better understand yourself as well as the way you can be of service in your next career chapter.  Let’s make it happen… together!

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