Keeping Things in Perspective

Life has been discouraging lately – at least from a traditionally measured “diet” standpoint.  It seems that I am gaining a little weight largely because I have been slipping into my old eating habits, craving sugar, and not paying as close attention as I should.

And then, I ran across this picture… WHO is that?!?  Yep!  That’s me, at the airport, picking up our exchange student LAST year.  Love the quote too – if our quest is peace by this definition, then all of the sudden, health has a different definition.












So now, about 1 year later, we picked up a new exchange student at the airport.  I look a little different…



So, as I reflect, I realize three important ideas:

  1. The airport picture last year is what I look like eating too much sugar
    (of all forms).  This year’s picture is an image of someone who understands the impact of good nutrition on the body.
  2. Metabolism makes a difference.  Last year, I was sloth like, not sleeping well and lacking energy.  Now, I feel a better balance and reaffirm the importance of exercise, proper vitamins and supplements as well as
    my overall body function
  3. Going back to a year ago is at best, not a good idea!  The picture tells
    the story, but imagine what is going on inside my  body and the
    negative health effect building over time.  It’s a motivator to think
    about the possibilities of what another year might bring and as a
    result, my motivation is to begin anew!

In the world of Advocare, it all starts with the 24-Day Challenge.  I for one and ready to get it going again.

Will you join me on the journey?





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