Firefighters – Stress and High Octane Performance!

In a recent 2 minute clip from TV show, The Doctors, it stated that almost 1/2 of all firefighter deaths annually are due to heart failure brought on by not maintaining the correct weight and fitness level.

I know a few of these types of folks – they work really hard to fight fires or protect us from crime… yet, they may not be as diligent about maintaining their health.  The good news is, Advocare provides a means for developing healthy habits.  So, if you are involved in any kind of physically strenuous activity or career, there are products that can help improve and sustain your way of life.  Here’s an example of a success story that might relate to someone you know…

Some have wondered and expressed concern to me that these products are somehow shortcuts to weight loss – as if you magically take some pill or drink some supplement or meal replacement shake or protein bar to become more thin and muscular.

This is NOT the case!

While it is true that Advocare has a wide variety of products to meet a wide variety of goals (weight loss being one of them), there is nothing magical about the product.

Advocare was founded on the premise that people needed balanced nutrition, through natural sources and that certain body functions and energy levels could be improved and protected with the right combination of well-being activity and choices.  There are four product lines in Advocare that are all based on the fundamental truth that we can improve our health by focusing on overall wellness throughout our life.  It also requires that we enhance our overall health performance  – eating, exercising, living and serving others.

That’s why I am involved with this company and wish the best for everyone in my life and circle of influence.  God knows I have a long way to go to meet my goals, but I believe in the power of these products and know they are adding value to my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Now, I am extending beyond the pure health benefits to enhance my income and family’s livelihood.  Will you join me?

Blessings Abound,




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