Improve your health. Make more money.

Nate Jones lost A LOT of weight on the road to improving his health. He’s an inspiration to me and I look forward to being able to share a similar story…

I’m offering this because I think it represents a little bit of each of us who feel called to improve our health. For me, I had to do something. My blood sugar was too high. Insulin wasn’t working very well. Anxiety and high blood pressure caused lots of trouble. I was motivated to make some changes.

My criteria was three fold – the “diet” had to be:

1. Simple and manageable during a hectic travel schedule
2. Based on real food and nutritionally sound
3. Known for results in people like me

I looked at Shakeology, Isagenix, GNC, Herbal Life and other similar products. I had already tried Weight Watchers online and really didn’t feel very motivated or driven to succeed. I only benefitted based on what little I put into the effort.

This time, though, I was serious.

I learned about Advocare ( and liked them because they were so scientifically sound and also had a long track record of success. I didn’t have to drink strange tasting concoctions or take a mess of chemicals to help me lose weight. Instead, Advocare changed my lifestyle and choices – food, exercise, nutrition, supplements – everything about my health changed.

So far:

  • I’ve lost 20+ pounds
  • My waist, chest and legs are skinnier
  • I have more energy than I ever remember
  • I am aware of health in ways I never understood before
  • I am conscious of my choices when it comes to eating and activity

If you are looking for some help to get healthy, I am confident this approach can work. Besides, it is always good to do things together.

Check out the 24-day Challenge

Then, let’s chat about how to make your health and life goals come true!

Blessings Abound,

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